Must Call For All Appointments


 919-561-3251   &    919-348-5502


 105 international Dr,  Morrisville, NC

we meet inside

Silver Star crossfit Gym


 2512 Ten Ten Rd ApexNC 27539

We meet at Knight's Play golf Center




215 Hillboro St

we meeting inside Brave crossfit Gym

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 Must Call For Golf Appointments

 919-561-3251 & 919-348-5502

Golf Lesson

Mons - Fris- 10:00am -8pm

 2512 Ten Ten Rd Apex, NC 27539

We meet at Knight's Play golf Center


the triangle golf school

Coach K

Latest Book

“Ten Steps To A Great Golf Swing”

On Sale Now $35.00


 You Have To Buy This Book; Coach K Makes Learning Golf Easy. Bob, Garner NC.

 Truly enjoyed working with coach K. 

Bill & Ann, Cary NC. 

Mr. K was informative and friendly. His attitude makes me look forward to my next lesson.

Andy, Apex NC.

 K is a fantastic golf coach. He is extremely patient


Saturdays Short Game lessons

 No Appointments Needed for Short Game Classes. 


9am - 10:30am

 Group Short Game Practice Are At Knight's Play

    Knights Play Driving Range

 2512 Ten-Ten Road Apex, NC 27539


Indoors Archery Shooting Range 919-348-5502

Indoor Archery Shooting Range 919-348-5502


Kenrick Smith Golf Academy

     Where Tomorrow’s Pros Begin


Must Call For Appointments 919-348-5502



is now only on

Saturday 1pm-7pm  -  Sundays 1pm-7pm.

To ensure you get the day and time that fits your schedule, we recommend you call at least

7 days in advance.

If your deal has exspired there will be a penilty fee of $10 upto $20



Location # 1

105 International Dr, Morrisville NC

We meet inside Sliver Star Crossfit Gym

  Have fun, Work on skills



Golf Membership Options


1)    Hacker Buster,

Get your Game Right

No Commitment, just pay as you go.

2)   1 Swing Lesson & 1 short game lesson & 1 nine hole playing lesson weekly.

=$150 per month


Junior Scholarship Prep

Why pay for college when golf can.

No Commitment, just pay as you go. Must be 9 – 18 years old

2 swing Lesson & 2 short game lesson & 1 nine hole playing lesson weekly.

=$150 per month 


3)   Performance Base Coaching

6 months commitment required.

2 swing Lesson & 2 short game lesson & 1 nine hole playing lesson weekly,

Starts at $150 per month 

 How it works = First month; you will pay $150. And we will record your golf
score. Say you tell us that you shot 120 and really looking to improving. We will take that 
score and  began working with you to lowing your handicap. If your score does not go down after the second month your next month lesson is free. On the other hand when your recorded golf score / handicap begins to drop you’ll began

paying us $3 per stroke + $150 per month as you become a better golfer.

 Example: If you drop 10 strokes your first month {10x$3=$30} then

your next monthly payment will be $150+$30 = $180 and so on.,

6 months commitment required.